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Safe, Anonymous, Secure
Our service is completely anonymous, and your files are hosted on heavily secured servers. We take safety very seriously.
Unlimited, Fast Download Speeds
We guarantee the highest download speeds with our service. Our servers are extremely fast and have high uptime reliability.
Unlimited Uploads
Upload as many files as you want, at any file size. Our Premium users are safely hosting millions of files with us every day.
Service Features
Download Speed MAXIMUM Minimum
Download delay 0 seconds 30 seconds
Upload file size Up to 30 Gb Up to 10 Gb
Files livetime Unlimited 30 days
Pausable downloads
Multiple download streams
No advertising
Frequently Asked Questions
What shall I get after payment for the Premium account?

After buying a premium account you get the following benefits:
1. No restrictions on speed of file downloading;
2. No restrictions on speed of file uploading to the server;
3. Increase of the maximum file size for uploading to the server from 10 GB to 30 GB;
4. Unlimited time for storing your files on our servers;
5. Absence of advertising on any pages of the service;
6. There is no pause before download file;
7. Possibility to download files in several streams;
8. Possibility to resume file downloading when connection is broken;
9. Possibility to use downloading managers;

How long will the Premium account work?

The duration period of the Premium account depends on the tariff that you chose while paying. You can pay for your Premium account that will work within 30, 60, 90, 120 or even 180 days. Besides, if you pay for the larger period of duration immediately, the cost of the account is lower in terms of days.

What will happen to my files after the expiration of the Premium account?

Your files are stored on our servers for the entire duration period of the Premium account. If the Premium account expires, your files will be stored here for 30 days after expiration of the Premium account.

Is it safe to store files on your service?

Safe and secure storage of your files is the primary task we set for our service. All the information is subject to the obligatory back up on our servers. We use secure SSL connection when sharing information between our servers and clients. This is only one part of the measures we use to ensure the absolute safety of your files.

How quickly shall I get the Premium account after payment?

You’ll get the Premium account right after its payment. The status of your account will change to Premium. Your account will immediately get rid of any restriction applies to the free account.